Icq contacts in beta 6b

I downloaded a new beta6b, install it and configure, everything is ok.

But after some time icq-transport was disconnected from icq-server (network failure), icq-contacts still shown as online. Client (Pandion 2.5) show status of gateway as “Not registered” (not “Disconnected”), admin console show icq-color as connected. Client was not receive any icq-messages after that, when i try to send - there was no warning message “gateway disconnected”, everything looks good, but messages was silently dropped.

…and more.

When connection to icq-server is restored, it recommends to switch client into “Invisible” and back to “Online”. Otherwise messages will be silently dropped too.

GATE-153 =) Thanks for letting me know!

On a side note, I’'m told that AIM and ICQ has been booting people the last couple of nights. They may be doing some server upgrades. I know they are actively working on ICQ 6 and AIM 6 just came out recently.