ICQ gateway and offline messages

Hi all.

I’m experiencing a strange bug: if i’m offline and someone sends me a message, i will not receive it when i’m online. This happens for a while and then, suddently, after next login (it can be 10th or 50th) i receive all of the previously sent messages.

What happens when i become Online? Are they (offline messages) downloaded from server and stored somewhere in my Openfire? Should i do “Offline” for my ICQ gateways or it will be done automatically after my logoff?

Nobody knows?

Are you changing clients at all or sticking with the same client no matter where you go?

What you go online, a packet is sent to ICQ requesting all offline messages, which should arrive promptly unless ICQ is acting up.

It happens both with Spark and PSI. I’ve been using PSI for a while.