ICQ in Beta 7 no correct rooster

hi i’'ve installed beta7 lately for testing issues … i yust wantet to report that not all users that are currentliy online are shown as online - compared with what rooster says if i take PyICQt 07b

Any changes those buddies show as “awaiting authorization” in a real ICQ client? (ala GATE-101)

i think that was the point … thx

Er, that was supposed to be any -chance- those contacts that aren’'t showing up are awaiting authorization contacts from ICQ. Am I reading you right in that you are saying “yes, that is the case?”

well i think it was a accidential interpla betewwn a not synchronized contact list with the icq server, a no more used installation of PyICQt and some contacts that have not authorized my request to sign up to theis presence …

however … now it seams to be working quite fine … although i’'ve not chattet to one of my icq contacts since i was switching from PyICQt to the gateway plugin.

laugh you know what, I actually had a friend find someone via a bug in my code. Re-added someone he hadn’‘t talked to in years and they started talking again and things went from there… it’'s a uh feature. Seriously though, glad to hear it seems to be behaving now.