ICQ Nickname Importing

Hello Wildfire Community! I am new to the forum.

I have a question about Transports, particularly the pyICQt. How everyone know, as we register new to a Service all our contacts get “imported” and stored in the “jiveRoster” table as on the frontend, we as user of our Clients App’'s roster get all our contacts displayed. Until here, nothing sensational

we usually get something@transport.oursite.whatsoever, and in ICQ 123456789@ICQ.ect.

I am sure we all Love these extravagant JID’'s!!

Just kidin’’ , we rename them with our buddys names and that solves the problem.

But how about if i had 40 such ICQ contacts… hmm ? I doubt that everyone knows the “125367123” ICQ id’‘s of each buddy we have in our ICQ account, since the normal way we use it once if we add a contact in ICQ, i suppose everyone agrees with me in this. I know i could check manualy the vCard and than edit manualy, but that’'s not the answer i am looking for…

Now i’'ll come to the point of my Threat:

I’'d imagine my self there could be a way to wright a Plugin for wildfire, that automatically collects the NICKNAME of each new ICQ usercontact at the “register Service process”

via the vCard XML call and would insert it into the “NICK” field associated to each one in the jiveroster table… h??

You might wonder what for, as how would the Client App handle? your right, but assume the client App is programmed to handel that, and automatically read out strait away the name in the NICK field. So if you would like to offer this service to your community since you know there are much ICQ users and you’‘d like to easy that part to the user, i bet this starts to make alot’‘s of sence, doesn’'t it?

So my question to you guys is whom have experience with Wildfires Architectures and plugins is:

How much effort would it be to wright such a Plugin and whom here would be interested

and capable to to do that!?

Dear Community, i’'d be delighted to hear you side and your thoughts about this and any concrete hints on approach this task.

thank you.



I’'m not sure if this holds for the pyICQt but I couple of the py- trnasports already import contact nicknames. Its just a matter of client support for the feature.


Hi Alex

Thx for for the replay!

Some Phyton transports import the nicknames into the XML file-system, yes.

But pyICQt dose not import the Nicknames.



There is a feature request on PyICQ-t regarding this:


Hey conny

Thx for the link!

That’'s getting closer to it indeed. I read too after the release of the Last ICQ transport that he intends to make a fix about this issue, this would mean that at we would not need to make that vCard Call anymore since ti will be in the XML files.

I think though, that this would still not make the entry of the Nickname in the “jiveroster” table by it’'s self.

But, i’'ll try out myself the Codesnipe on the link you gave me and let you know the outcome.

Any more suggestions?



Conny, BTW

could you implement that code as a temporary solution?

If yous, could you post me a smal HOWTO for getting me started??