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ICQ: not seen as online / offline messages


I think I read somewhere that the issue where gateway plugin users weren’‘t seen as online by those in their list was fixed with 1.0beta8. I’‘m using Wilfire 3.2.2 and the 1.0beta8, but my contacts still tell me I’'m offline. Another thing is that offline messages are not received by me. All those happens in ICQ.

I’‘m unsure if this is an issue with incorrectly updating the plugin from b7 to b8, but it is shown inside Wildfire admin as beta8. The first step in upgrading was just replacing the .jar file which worked. After I noticed that this wasn’'t fixed, I deleted the .jar file and waited until the gateway folder disappeared. Then I uploaded the b8 jar file again. Still unchanged.

Just tell me if I’'m wrong or what info you need.

btw: Great plugin!


Hrm. It sounds like you are not successfully logging in at all if others can’‘t see you and you aren’'t getting your offline messages. Are you able to communicate with people none-the-less?

Come to think of it, I don’‘t know if this is the issue, but I’‘m not accounting for the possibility that you might be set invisible on the ICQ end. GATE-194 I’'ll look into taking care of that.

However that wouldn’'t have affected offline messages.

I can talk to all those contacts normally. I will just appear as offline. My messenger (gajim) is set to ‘‘online’’ and I never used invisible mode. When first updating I received some offline messages, but never after that.

Only one contact can see me online, but this one sits in my local network.

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There are actually many kinds of “invisible”. There’‘s XMPP invisible which gajim will let you set. There’‘s ICQ invisible, which is a online status state. And there’‘s also “permissions/visibility setting” that is actually stored as part of yoru “buddy list”. The latter one is the one that folk don’‘t tend to know about as it’‘s not typically “shown” to you. (and is the one I’‘m referring to that I’'ll account for)

Using a ‘‘real’’ ICQ client, like gaim, miranda…, all contacts see me visible and I can receive offline messages, so it’'s no invisible/visible list connected to my account.

Not necessarily. Some clients will store your setting and change it temporarily.

Even the one from go.icq.com does show me online. I bet this one just gets it from the server including all settings. So what can I do to fix this, if it’'s not in the plugin?

Well, if it’‘s the issue I’'m referring to:

  1. I would like to fix it so the plugin “Takes care of it” for you without you having to know

  2. You could theoretically log in via a real ICQ client and typically there’‘s “some option” that lets you set your privacy preferences. I don’'t know what it is off the top of my head.

Please don’‘t get me wrong, I’'m not trying to tell you you need to change anything. ;D The plugin needs to account for these things.

Ok, I will try the client from ICQ and check if there is something like this set. Is there anything I can do to help you ‘‘fix’’ it in the plugin?


I installed ICQ 5.1 and deleted all contactcs from my invisible and block list. I tried again with one contact and he re-added me to his list and was able to see me online after that, even with the gateway. However when he wrote me offline messages, I did not receive them. What can I do to check what happened to them?

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Hrm, that’‘s weird that so many of them were in your invisible list and such! =/ Well anyway… as for the offline messages, there was another report that those aren’‘t working right. I was able to relentlessly get offline messages sent to me during testing, which is why I’‘m so confused about this. ;D I’'ve had reports of some folk getting no messages, some getting only the first, and some getting spuratic other ones. If you send a bunch of offlines messages to yourself from another client, do any of them get through at all?

Ok, maybe I wasn’‘t clear enough: none of the contacts in my list were actually on the invisible/block list. I just wanted to clear the list to get sure it wasn’'t this.

I sent offline messages from 3 different ICQ accounts to mine. No message was recieved. All contacts can message me when I’'m online.

Hrm. I still can not duplicate this. Not sure what’'s going on.

Just logged in with ICQ 5.1 and all offline messages from the test were received by me. Nothing on the IM Gateway-ICQ.

Well it’‘s clear there’'s an issue here. GATE-196