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ICQ Profile gone after upgrade


I am 100% sure that I was able to get at least part of the ICQ profile (Nickname, gender) when chatting with an ICQ contact.

However it does not seem to work any longe. At the moment I am on OF 3.3.3 and latest Gateway but have no ideas with what upgrade I lost the functionality…

Can anybody confirm?


I’m afraid I’ve never supported that in the IM gateway plugin to date. =) As of 1.2.0, you should get a response that has nickname filled in, but it’s just filled in with the person’s UIN for now, so it’s not what you are looking for. But yeah, I never had that in there, so I’m not sure why it appeared to be working. (I didn’t even respond to vcard requests at all until 1.2.0, sent a feature not available response)

Hmm, guess you know it better than me!

However, let me be more precise. Before the upgrade when I looked into the Vcard of an ICQ contact, their nick was there.

Now I simply get an empty vcard when I lookup the profile.

So maybe you mapped the nick name into the profile in an earlier version so that it does not look so empty but stopped doing it in newer versions…??

Anyhow thanks for the clarification


What version are you running? 'cause I mean… as of 1.2.0 I automatically fill in the person’s legacy account in the NICKNAME vcard field. But yeah, literally, I was not responding with a valid response for vcards before. Absolutely zero vcard support. So color me confused as to how you were getting something back! Unless your client was seeing a “bugger off” response from the gateway transport and decided to “help”.