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ICQ users is offline (((

hi all!! i am have 2- test users in my Openfire server, all users have registered icq numbers gateway plugin. all users see online icq users end can talk . but outside icq users see what my openfire users is OFLINE. plz tell me what i am muts to do.

That -sounds- like the ICQ accounts are set to invisible. There’s a permissions setting in ICQ that lets you set whether you are visible to the world or not. (and actually, it also lets you specific people to be visible and invisible to) One experiment to try would be to log in via a real ICQ client, look through the settings dialogs and such to see if you can make it totally visible, and then log in through the IM Gateway plugin. I do have an issue filed to, at some point, automatically disable invisible settings upon login, as the IM Gateway plugin doesn’t support invisibility in any way.