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ID Based application

The application is good and Works well with MS SQL server… also Found that video or Voice jingle is missing in the Client… THough voice is working properly with other clients lie one team on openfire server.

Issue is that the Database structure and the program is not ID based and is purely on username… It is suggested that codes are user table contains userid (numric ) auto… This helps having users having same logon name in organsation as username password and email ID combination can be used to recognise the user. This helps integrating the server with other Applications for the organisations.

Hope this change can be brought in the new version of open fire. Also Found that jabbar id is username@defaultdomain why cant it be email id provided by the user. so that server can be integrated with hosted apps.

Do you use Active Directory or LDAP in your organization? If you use LDAP authentication, it uses the user’s login for their username (but the rest is still @yourjabberserver).

If you use LDAP authentication, it won’t use the database for user IDs (the ofUser table will be blank except for the default entries). If you use Fastpath, it will have a user database with agentID’s based on the order the users login.

It’s not entirely clear what the problem is from your question. Do you have users with the same login? Perhaps you’re trying to say that in your other login systems you have added email as a way to distinctify similar users? The vCard system allows users to specify an email address (which helps when searching for users).

It also sounds like you’re trying to administer users using your database instead of the Admin Console. Can you clarify your question a little more?

Bhargav Pandya wrote:

Also Found that jabbar id is username@defaultdomain why cant it be email id provided by the user. so that server can be integrated with hosted apps.
This is not the place to ask this question. Ask XMPP/Jabber founders why they decided to go with this design. I don’t think having id like name@email.com@jabberserver.domain.com would make something easier. You can’t have just name@email.com for a username, because other jabber servers won’t know what server you are coming from (jabber servers can connect one to another through a federation).

you have still not understood what i want to say…

In database if we have numric userid as Pk and email ID as logonname… then it makes life simpler to develop another Apps integrated to openfire…

And server to server communication happens at server level configuration … and client has got nothing to do with it…

So table would look like this

Userid logonname password emailid

1 abc 12w32 abc@xyz.com

in current senario… some users would not get their prefered logon name… where as in this senario…there can be two logon name with abc… and xmpp server can recongnise the user with combinaiton of logon, password,email id… any 2.or 3…

In client configuration we anyways have to specify the jabber server… so why jabbar ID is suppose to be abc@defaultdomain ( Configured in server )… Why cant it be abc@xyz.com

jabber servers can be connected to each other VIA server level config…

and Yes I am not talking about LDAP usage At all in this discussion…

Now when i say integrating this with other webapps… it is so simple… that my userid ( from any other web app can be brought in this table as Fk… and my app has got integrated with openfire…

I understand that you don’t want a jabber server, but something suited for your needs Then you need a custom chat server, not Openfire or any other jabber server.

Openfire won’t support such setup as this is not specified in XMPP standards. If Openfire would be modified to use such user ids, other servers won’t be able to understand those ids (i mean other servers like ejabberd, jabberd, tigase, etc or older Openfire versions) or you will have to add backwards compatibility option also. Or XMPP standards has to be changed and all servers’ developers should change their servers to obey that and also backwards compatibility should be added to be able to connect to older server’s versions, etc. Obviously noone will do such a complex task because you need something special for your setup.

Openfire is open source, so of course, you can modify the source and produce the server which will work as you need.

Is Kerberos SSO an option for you? So you would not need to care how Openfire does internally handle user names / JIDs.

I have got the solution to by problem… I could now successfully intrgrate my app with Openfire…I had to make changes in my app structure…

Now I have one more issue… I need a web chatbar…(something like it remains in bottom of the browser… ) i found one ijab… but it does not work with openfire…

Can someone help me.


and thanks in advance

My setup is windows 2008 server with MSsql… AND iiS