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I'd found a bug in Openfire, how do I contribute?

Hi, I’d found a bug in Openfire and I’d fixed it over here, how do I contribute my fix?

Hi. Usually it is sufficient to post your patch in the forums (Support or Dev forums). Then some of the “forums keepers” (like myself) probably will file it in the bug tracker. Also, there is such group Contributors http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/groups/contributors , and you can post there too. Personally i am monitoring this group for any updates, so in this case your post will be 100% noticed Further there are some other options (like getting the rights to file tickets and even SVN commit), but that depends whether you are going to make more patches in the future. Thanks in advance for your contribution

Oh, also, if your patch is about some security issue, then you can first report it to security [at] igniterealtime [dot] org