I'd like Openfire to use LDAP for everything EXCEPT passwords

I’d like Openfire to use LDAP for everything EXCEPT passwords. Instead of it pulling a password from Active Directory, I want to set it myself. Either by telling it "everyone has the same password - sample123 " , or by manually entering them into OF myself.

Is this possible?

You could …

  • host your openfire directory in MYSQL rather than the embedded database (just install MySQL on the OpenFire server)

  • ldifde -f output.txt -r “(objectclass=user)” -l “sAMAccountName” --> outputs your entire active directory usernames to a file

  • open output.txt in excel and filter out usernames

  • create a MYSQL query to create all openfire users with the password that you require --> All users in the query will be created with whatever password you put in the query.

I don’t have the query to do this at the moment but it shouldn’t be hard to figure out if you use phpMyAdmin.