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I'd like to sumbit some stuff

Both are small patches. The first enables creating no-arch RPMs when no JRE is included (thus gaining partial 64bit support). The second enables bulk updates to MUC permissions which can improve performance in certain situations (in our case, we were importing tens of thousands of users and adding them one by one was quite a performance bottleneck). The patches are in git format, I hope that’s acceptable.
Create-Openfire-RPM-without-JRE.patch.zip (1608 Bytes)
Added-bulk-update-and-delete-for-users.patch.zip (2130 Bytes)

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Your second patch should fit in this one OF-174 But i don’t know if git format is acceptable, so i won’t attach it yet and wait for someone to comment.

For some reason, the OF-174 related diff won’t apply in Eclipse. I’ll copy/paste the changes manually.

Hmm - it appears the patch was not created based on the last sources. In our trunk, various method signatures have parameters of type JID, while the patch assumes those parameters are of type String.

The patch appears to be based on code that did not have the changes in OF-523 applied.

Could you please review and resubmit?

I was using the 3.7.1 tag, I didn’t notice some classes changed. I’ll resubmit.

Ok, here goes.
Added-bulk-update-and-delete-for-users.patch.zip (1662 Bytes)

Filed OF-566 for the first one, thanks

I don’t mean to sound pushy or anything, but is there a chance these will be committed at some point? I’m not too fond of having to reapply them each time I pull from the trunk.

Sorry that we haven’t pushed these through. I just tried OF-566’s patch and it would not apply cleanly to trunk. Would you be interested in subversion commit rights?


Sorry about the late reply, I seem to have created two users for this forums and wasn’t notified about your reply. Yes, I would be interested in commit right, especially since I have a couple more goodies lined up.

Btw, the real user is alexm77. The other one has the wrong email address, but I don’t know how to get rid of it.

Great, I will email you some details.