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Idea: LDAP Test Screen Instead of Admin Password Screen

I’‘ve been struggling like none other trying to get Wildfire to work using my networks Active Directory service. I can’'t get it to allow anyone to login to the adminstrative tool, nor have I been able to get anyone to login using a client.

I’‘ve tested the LDAP service itself (sans wildfire) and everything is up and running. I can get Wildfire working if I do it without the LDAP authentication as well. However, I have no way of telling if Wildfire is pulling the correct user info out of LDAP. I have debug turned on, but the info it reports isn’'t telling me much.

Instead of having the Admin password change screen (which I assume I’'m supposed to just skip when I use LDAP) why not have that screen show a list of all the users Wildfire can authenticate. At the top, put those users who have administrative rights as well. This way, server admins can verify everything is up and working before they try to login and start tweaking things. This would be very helpful for those of us who are struggling with LDAP.


Thanks for your feature idea – I definitely agree this would help a lot. Improved LDAP integration is getting pretty high on the priority list based on the amount of trouble people have with it.