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Idea: Let admin preview user''s roster


today I’'ve configured an amount of new users on my Jive Messenger with some new Shared Roster Groups. At some point I got a bit confused because I lost the overview which group was shared to which other groups.

Also I was not sure if my design of the groups was correct and would work for my users.

I thought that it would be nice to see how an user’‘s roster will look if the user gets online. I can not log in as the user because I don’‘t know their passwords (and that’‘s good). Is there a way for me as JM admin to “preview” an user’'s roster without really logging in as this user?

If there is no way to do this right now - would this feature be worth it to implement in a future version of JM as plugin or general feature? What do you think, would you use it?




This feature request has been recorded as JM-65. Please vote for it if you get a chance.



Uh I already did vote for this … but I’'ve forgotten that … man I need some free days

hey, me too