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Idea: source code license switch to Apache

Since this is a secret group that only a select few can access, I feel more confident bringing this idea up early.

We’re considering the potential benefits of switching the Openfire license from GPL to Apache. Reasons:

  • A more open license will make it easier for Openfire to be used by a broader range of people.
  • It would encourage other commercial companies to get involved
  • Jive no longer sells Openfire commercially so having the GPL as a “stick” is no longer necessary

Would love feedback!

I think a switch to the Apache license is a good idea. There are a number of Java projects using the license, and this will allow for “cleaner” co-mingling between them. Aside from that, Im no lawyer, so my opinions of one license over another are generally biased by propaganda, not fact. :slight_smile:

I’m with slush, not a lawyer as well Though i always thought GPL is free enough, but apparently there are better licenses out there. I agree, as long as Openfire stays free for simple usage. Anything else is beyond my knowledge. Though maybe you can explain in short what main advantages does Apache has comparing to GPL? Will this change include all the other projects: Spark, XIFF, etc?

Hi Matt,

Have you heard from people that are reluctant to use and/or develop for Openfire because of the GPL?



I don’t hear a ton of feedback about it, but definitely some. Do you hear feedback that would make us want to keep GPL?

Nope, I haven’t heard or seen anything one way or another, so that’s why I was curious about the possible change. If switching licenses would create more developer involvement I’d say go for it.


Voting for Apache License 2.


They use XIFF and MIT license.