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Ideas for a buddy list

Hey, thanks for the nice welcome guys. I am really liking Java

Hey, do you guys have an idea for a buddy list? I have created one with a JTree, but I don’'t know if I can do it with that.

I have a JTree in it with the buddies represented with a TreeMap. The problem is that I cannot seem to update the tree once it’'s been painted (in case a buddy signs off or something). What I have been doing is removing the JTree from the panel with .remove( tree ), recreating it from my TreeMap data, and then adding it to the panel again with .add(). I have been doing all of this using the SwingUtilities.ivokeLater() to do the drawing, and a seperate thread that just has a Thread.sleep( 2000 ) in it to similate a buddy going offline to test it. What happens is that after the sleep happens, and the tree is supposedly being redrawn with invokeLater the panel just completely dissapears off the JFrame.

Also, is Iain’'s book available for purchase so I can read it online? I would very much rather do that then get a printed copy.




We’'ve been tossing around ideas for Roster in Smack. Our #1 priority with the library is making it simple and clear. So the initial decision was to just provide the current Roster ‘‘events’’ and allow the library user to handle the events as appropriate for the problem at hand.

However, we know that a lot of people will probably want to display the Roster as a tree sorted by groups in a standard GUI so some sort of automatically managed tree would be simpler and easier to work with in that situation.

Currently, I think we still favor keeping the core Smack library with the simple event system to best support the widest array of applications. However, we’'d be very interested in an ‘‘optional.jar’’ supplement to the core libraries containing things like a managed roster tree. Since this is open source, would anyone (you?) like to head up development of something to kick off the effort?


BTW - an ebook version of my book is available from Mannng.com http://www.manning.com/shigeoka at half the hard copy cost. Plus, if you decide to buy the hard copy, the full price of the ebook can be used against the purchase.

Hey Iain,

Thanks for the info on your book. I will purchase it today.

As for me heading up any sort of project as part of smack, I’‘m probably not your guy. I’'m a total novice to Java and standalone OOP programming in general (been doing it for about 3 weeks tops). Thanks for offering, though

Adam Olsen