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Ignite Realtime Bamboo Usage and Access

The Ignite Realtime Community has been happily and freely using tools generously provided by Atlassian on our Amazon Web Service hosted instances sponsored by Surevine. We recently announced a migration of Jira to Atlassian Cloud and this blog post denotes a change made to our Bamboo Instance. Atlassian Bamboo provides Continuous Integration (CI) for building and testing our software projects.

We previously were using Atlassian Crowd to provide user accounts to Bamboo and Jira. Since Jira is now in the cloud and we really don’t need non-admin accounts to access Bamboo, we have removed the crowd integration to Bamboo and are using local-to-bamboo accounts instead.

If you have an authenticated access need to Bamboo for plan running / modification, please let me know. I am reaching out individually to those I know need this access, but may have missed somebody :slight_smile: We will soon be spinning down our crowd instance to save on our AWS monthly spend!

Thanks for your time and interest in Ignite Realtime!

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