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Ignite Realtime Community Volunteers

[the idea here is to create a roster of community volunteers with some sort of definition of roles. Do we need some sort of RFC process setup to start voting on such things? Am I way off base? ]

Ignite Realtime Steering Committee ?

  • Too much?

Website Admin Team (Jive SBS)

  • Benjamin(?)
  • Chris (?)
  • Matt (?)

Forum Bug Tracking / Triaging (Jira)

  • Daryl Herzmann [akrherz]
  • wroot (can I sign you up here? )

Openfire Development Team

  • Release Manager: ??
  • SVN Commiters: ??

Spark Development Team

  • Release Manager: ??
  • SVN Commiters: ??

Tinder Development Team

  • Release Manager / Project Lead: Guus ??
  • SVN Commiters: ??

XIFF Development Team

  • Release Manager: ??
  • SVN Commiters: ??


Generated to generate discussion moreso than a power grab

You can sign me up

Spark SVN Commiter: cstux (Michael Will)

Probably Project Lead should be changed as Andrew Seymour is not very active here. cstux could be a replacement if he’s willing.

Release Manager… that depends on what he’s doing. Building the installer and uploading to the site? Uploading is probably should be done by Benjamin. Building depends on what approach we or community should select. As now cstux is pushing forward the IzPack installer (jar file). Though i think some Windows users and admins won’t like the exe absense.

You’ve got me and Chris in the right place, though we’re also doing SVN repo creation, mail management, website updates, etc.

I’ve got a commit bit on the Openfire project as well, so you could add me there too.

I used to have commit privilages on the Openfire project but my account stopped working awhile back and I haven’t been able to get a response from anyone would could assist me in having them restored.