Igniterealtime.org site ftp access and editing the pages

So, do anyone among us has an access to the page content and files? Daryl? Can i have it? As people started to put new versions of software and plugins as documents or rapidshare links i think this is unacceptable and should be managed swiftly. Currently i only have access to SBS Admin Console.

Page content access is via SVN, but the download links are not reachable via SVN. Daryl has access rights to the servers and I have PMed him on Friday to put the file up there.

I wanted to keep the release date May 6th for 2.6.0 and put it on Rapidshare due to the size restriction of 20 MB in the forum. I simply had not place were to put 2.6.0.

Blog posting rights are screwed in SBS 4.5. and Daryl had no way to grant write permission.

The Ignite Web site is by the way not even close to “simple editing”. It’s all JSPs with lots of code. The Spark project pages need a major rework, but I was not sure about my changes and did not want to screw the whole site. I’ll take care about the Spark pages in the next 4 weeks (it’s still a evening job for me).

Doh… I’m thinking maybe we should drop that site, we don’t need many of that fancy stuff anyway, and put some tvs like drupal in place. We just need a few links (docs, downloads, weekly chat). Many of the texts on this site are obsolete and misleading.

As about SBS. Probably we can give you admin rights, so you will be able to overcome sbs blog bugs.

I would also like to get back my blogging rights without necessarily becoming an admin

I think we should just point www.igniterealtime.org at http://community.igniterealtime.org and make use of stickies or announcements to point to the docs, downloads, weekly chats, etc.

Well, seeing how users are overlooking the current announcements i don’t think this is a good idea. And it will become very cluttered. A few simple pages with links would be enough.

Ok. Agreed

And now we will forget about this and live “happy” with the current site for another few years Something has to be started. I could even try to setup a tvs and few pages. Wonder it that complex jsp site can live with another tvs by its side. Then we should point ingniterealtime.org to a new index. Don’t know if anything can be done with the forums page header. Maybe it’s possible to remove the menu bar.


I’d be thrilled if you could do your development on Ignite’s SVN + Jira. Would you like to proceed with that?



I plan on bothering Benjamin about the SBS blog permissions issue today.


I am quite happy to migrate the Redfire project to Ignite SVN + Jira from code.google.com

I am already lead developer for SparkWeb and with the work done by Knight Raider, making SparkWeb compatible with the ignite version of XIFF, we should have activity there as soon as I can find my SVN password and we both send you contributor agreement forms.

Hi Dele,

That sounds great. I can reset your svn password too and help with any permissions issues. Please PM me, if necessary.


Thanks, I have found it. It was in a private message

Hi Dele,

Are you able to reach the interface to add a blog message now?



Daryl, you are a star

Great! Benjamin deserves the credit. He pointed out to me the configuration change needed.


Benjamin, you are a superstar

Does that mean I can get that same privilege now as well

Daryl Herzmann wrote:

Great! Benjamin deserves the credit. He pointed out to me the configuration change needed.


Is it not working for you now?



Hello again. Can we somehow drop/hide the links to Fans, Support, About in the main menu of the site?