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Igniterealtime unavailable 3-7 UTC on 21 July 2013


The Igniterealtime servers reside at Contegix ( http://www.contegix.com/ ) thanks to the generous support of Jive Software (http://www.jivesoftware.com ). Between 3-7 UTC on 21 July 2013, the servers will be offline to allow them to be physically moved to a new facility. The actual downtime may be shorter or longer than that period. Please comment on this post if you see degraded services after that period.



I’m usually still in bed on sundays at this time 6-10 AM

I’m usually still drunk around this time 9PM-1AM

Thanks Jive for the continued support!

So far nothing unusual.

Got openfire back up and running just now. Still need to get the bamboo hosts back online.