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Illegal Jabber Domain exception does not reach the client!


I’m using Openfire with HTTP-Binding for a realtime web application we are working on. Recently we faced a serious issue - Openfire was not sending presence messages to the client due to some (then unknown) reason. After spending several hours on this, we found that one of the usernames in our application had a space in between resulting in formation of an Illegal Jabber ID (e.g - john smith@domain.com). Openfire threw an IllegalJabberID exception while reading this username, which we could see from the openfire’s admin console. Once this space in the Jabber ID was changed to an underscore, Openfire started behaving normally.

OK the question is - Shouldn’t an error message be sent to the client (browser, in our case) if something goes wrong after he logs in at the server ? Now there is no way for the client to make out that such an error occured. It simply keeps waiting for a response from the server.

Please comment.