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IM Gateway access from homemade client for MSN and Yahoo

I have written a simple client that will eventually integrate into our application.

From this client I want to send messages to all major transports - messages are one way, no chatting.

I have successfully been able to send AIM messages, and Jabber of course - but not MSN and Yahoo.

All ports are open; all tests in the Openfire server for the IM Gateway are successful.

My question is:

What form should the user handle take when creating the Message?

I use:

for AI : "myUserName@aim.mymachine.company.com" – Successful

for Jabber: "myJabberUserName@igniterealtime.org" – Successful

for MSN: “myUserName%aol.com@msn.mymachine.company.com” – NOT SUCCESSFUL

for Yahoo: “myUserName%yahoo.com@yahoo.mymachine.company.com” – NOT SUCCESSFUL

So the code looks like this – and Is Not Successful for MSN and Yahoo::

Message message = new Message();





I’m at a loss …