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IM Gateway and MSN

Ok so here is the setup:

Linux: Fedora Core 9

Openfire: 3.6.3

IM Gateway: 1.2.4d

Spark Client: 2.5.8

Fresh install, not an upgrade. We can test the connection via the plugins from the server

however the client can not connect to msn? We click on the icon and get the following…

Alert from MSN

You were disconnected from the MSN service.

Cat from the info.log

[root@share logs]# tail -f info.log
2009.12.27 10:40:53 Starting transport service: icq
2009.12.27 10:40:53 Starting transport service: msn
2009.12.27 10:40:53 Starting transport service: yahoo
2009.12.27 10:40:53 Starting transport service: gtalk
2009.12.27 10:41:08 Stopping transport service: msn
2009.12.27 10:41:31 Starting transport service: msn

I can’t find anything else that could be wrong. Firewall is an Astaro, not blocking chat

we can use regular MSN client just fine…


im facing same this problem

if u fund the solution. plz let me know.

MSN is working here with the same setup. Spark 2.6.0 Beta 2, but i doubt this affects anything.

Well this seems to be working all of a suddend, 2 days nothing but errors, this morning came in

and its working. Gremlins I tell ya, Gremlins !

Please send the Gremlins my way - I’m still having the same problem. Upgraded OpenFire and Spark to latest. OpenFire is running on FreeBSD 7 with no firewall for testing. Spark is running on Fedora 8, Fedora 10 and Windows XP.

I should add that I can telnet messenger.hotmail.com 1863 with no problems, which tells me that the firewall is not blocking.

I installed initial OpenFire 3.6.0 in November and all was working fine with Spark 2.5.6. When MSN stopped working earlier this month (April) I upgraded both to the latest (OpenFire 3.6.3, Spark 2.5.8), but did not solve the problem.

I haven’t made any changes to FreeBSD server, nor the Fedora 8 or Windows XP systems.

try Kraken http://kraken.blathersource.org/

Thank you. Kraken seems to have solved the problem.

I also decided to upgrade the FreeBSD from 7.0-release to 7.1-release and re-installed openfire-3.6.3 and diablo-jdk- (java) directly from the ports collection.

System has been up and solid for 3 days, with no apparent problems connecting to and staying connected with MSN and the other configured gateways.

The users are finally happy again.

this might help… my machine is inside the DMZ so make sure that you allow your IM server to access the servers in the internet at port 1863 and port 443…

tcpdump and iptables helped a lot…