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IM Gateway and Spark Web

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but not sure if it Spark Web or the IM Gateway

I have been testing the Spark web and come across a strange problem.

When I log into spark web msn doesnt work at all, i can send messages but dont receive any.

If I have spark and spark web open, i send a message from spark web and then get the response back through spark.

I suspect this is because spark uses resource name ‘’ spark’’ and sprak web uses resource name ‘‘spank’’ and the IM gateway is coded to reply back to spark reource name.

Does this sound correct ?

If so is there a way for the IM gateway to know which resource to send the message back to and visa versa know where the message originated from.



I wasn’'t aware Spark Web had any gateway functionality what-so-ever until now.

There does appear to be some known issue with logging in multiple times with the same account with the plugin right now. (though that’'s a beta issue, not a 1.0.2 issue) Are you running the beta?

No I am running the the release 1.0.2 – May 15, 2007.

Not sure if there is any debug information i can get, but i will send you anything you need if you point me in the right direction.



The IM Gateway plugin abides by standard XMPP mechanisms in that it sends messages to the resource with the highest priority. (presence notifications go to all resources typically) So if SparkWeb is configured to use a higher priority setting than Spark, it would get the incoming messages. I couldn’‘t tell you how to set priority in SparkWeb, I haven’'t used it enough.

As for debugging though, the best debug info is to enable debug logs from openfire’‘s admin console (Logs section) and then look at debug.log in openfire’'s logs directory. Check the priority thing first though. If that turns out not to be the problem, try starting clean … enable debugging, log in from Spark and then SparkWeb, have someone send a message or something, and send me the whole debug log at jadestorm@nc.rr.com.