IM Gateway API


I’m developing web based IM for company extranet - Flash messenger with OpenFire as a Jabber server. The problem I have at the moment is integration with AIM…

I spent 2 days trying to find out how to make my flash app communicate with IM Gateway and find any API docs but without any luck.

Can anyone advice where I can find Docs/API on IM Gateway? Or, at least, where/how I can find anything that might help me to solve the problem

I tried to use sniffer on - but they are under SSL

Thank you.

I was looking at the wrong places … All XMPP related info can be found at

Sorry for disturbing


I am developing similar app with Java, M also looking for IMGateway API/docs. I guess smack API need to be used to communicate to gateway, But I dont have any idea on how to do that with smack API, I have seen examples of how to connect to openfire server using smack, but no docs for gateway plugin, how to connect to other transports ?

Any help?

Any help?