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IM Gateway: ICQ Offline Messages

Hello everyone.

The background is: Openfire 3.6.3, embedded database, IM Gateway 1.2.4d (or Kraken 1.0.0).

XMPP Clients based on Spark2.5.8, Psi 0.12, Gajim 0.12.1.

ICQ Clients based on QIP and Miranda of different versions.

The situation:

Server -> Server Settings -> Offline Messages -> Store -> Always Store is set.

Per-user offline message storage limit is 1024Kb

When XMPP Client sends a message to any offline ICQ Client, this message may be delivered. And may be not :wink: There are no any dependencies.

When ICQ Client sends a message to any offline XMPP Client, this message will not be delivered.

If we take a look at parameter “Current size of all offline message” we can see zero there.

So, we can make a conclusion, that offline messages sent via IM Gateway/Kraken are not stored and are not sent. They are just dropped.

If we send a message to any offline XMPP Client from any XMPP Client, this message will be delivered.

We can also see the size of this messages in “Current size of all offline message”.

Can anyone say what should we possibly do, to make offline messages to/from ICQ work? :wink: