IM Gateway Not Working?


Has anyone noticed the IM Gateway not working ?

I can run the test throught the openfire server and it work’s but user’s cannot connect ?

I’m seeing the same problem. We were on v3.5.2 with IM Gateway v1.2.3 or something, using Pandion clients. I updated to 3.6.0a (even though it says 3.6.0, no “a”) and v1.2.4d of the IM Gateway, and no change. I’m trying Psi client now.

The MSN gateway appears to no longer work. This morning, it didn’t work with a real client either. The real client stated that the MSN servers where down. Now the real client works again, and the gateway still does not. I suspect MSN changed their protocol again…

It’s now working for me again :smiley:

Yep appears to be working for me now too. I hope MS didn’t put in any breaking changes.