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IM Gateway Openfire Dyndns

I was able to install IM plugin gateway 1.1.3beta3 from the following link.

http://sourceforge.net/projects/kraken-gateway/files/kraken-gateway/1.1.3%20beta %203/

but when I am using facebook transport i am getting following error through my PSI service discovery FB transport authorization window.

Your registration was denied due to your account not existing on the same server as the transport.

What about other clients? Anyway, Kraken (IM Gateway) plugin is not in development anymore.

Yeah but still is there any IM gateway plugin I can install in openfire as I am looking to add my msn or fb to my gtalk and I am able to have FB transport and MSN transport but only not able to login if you can please please please check the attached screenshots. As i am tired of posting regarding this issue all over the internet and nobody pays attention at all these days. Not even forums like Experts Exchange.

Thanks Wroot for all your support.


http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg339/scaled.php?server=339&filename=psi2.png&res =landing

http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg571/scaled.php?server=571&filename=psi1.png&res =landing

I don’t know of any simple IM gateway transport for Openfire. Kraken’s author with other guy are building other transport - Spectrum IM, but it is not complete yet and currently installation instructions are pretty heavy. http://community.igniterealtime.org/thread/46580

I don’t know what your errors mean. Maybe FB doesn’t allow connections from proxy or dyndns.

Thats correct I spent around one full day troubleshooting and trying to install Spectrum but failed because half of the dependencies were not able to install in my ubuntu plus Windows installation file is any way its incomplete.

Now as per the link below, I checked even the REGISTRATION section of the plugin and created the user but I am still getting the same error. If you can give me any hint, i’d be really grateful to you.

http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg339/scaled.php?server=339&filename=psi2.png&res =landing

Hi Wroot,

Now so far I created a user in OPENFIRE and than using the same username as JID i created a new registration in facebook transport and as per the screenshot below you can see that I am online through PSI. Here, I am only trying accomplish is that I don’t want to use any third party xmpp chat application instead I am trying to add FB transport in my GTALK account like it is available through public servers like jabbers.org.by and other jabber server. Please i have come so far on my own if you can help me a bit more by your expert advice.

Screenshot :


You know what I got my answer directly from the IM Gateway Plugin developer only under following discussions.

Discussions :

IM Gateway Plugin is limited to Openfire unfortunately and It does not allow remote servers on Kraken. Now is there any other way I can achieve this or even entirely by not using it ?

I can’t add anything more to Daniels words. You can’t use Kraken for Gtalk, only for local Openfire accounts. He’s mentioning PyXXXt transports, that they can do this, but they are old, most of them not developed anymore and i haven’t heard about PyFBt transport or such. Sorry, i can’t help you on that, i’m not an expert on transports.