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I'm getting tired of this community

Not the community (users) itself, but all the surroding stuff… I just dont get enough feedback. So lately i dont even bother to report something if i find a bug or else. It will be burried under the tons of other reports (not answered too).

Now about migrating to Clearspace. I’ve had ~60 open questions, some were old, some were not important, but there were ~50% normal bug reports. And my profile says i have no discussions started . How can i find anything i need in clearspace now??

And it’s slooow. Dont know why, but time to time it gets really slow. Sometimes if i find something and am willing to report it, i start this page and…it load it loads it loads. So i’m closing it and forgetting. I never have such problems with other sites.

I would have to agree, with the not getting answers.

I posted an issue with conference.igniterealtime.org not resolving via DNS to join the group chat - IGNORED

Posted an issue where the preferences for Spark should not be created in the root of a user’s home folder in windows - IGNORED

Zero responses to either post, and no action taken as of yet to either. I even attempted to get Derek to respond via webchat yesterday to no avail.

We really appreciate this candid feedback. Jive has asked me to step in on Ignite and help make sure that we are responding to the community. Over the next few weeks, I will be bugging the developers and helping to make sure that questions are being addressed. At this point, I’m asking for patience, and hopefully you will see improvement over the next few weeks.

mtstravel wrote:

Posted an issue where the preferences for Spark should not be created in the root of a user’s home folder in windows - IGNORED

Zero responses to either post, and no action taken as of yet to either. I even attempted to get Derek to respond via webchat yesterday to no avail.

I remember, Derek has replied, that he would need to think about the upgrade process for users. I think he was talking about preferences file location change.

I really hate wasting my time, so how can i get my opened questions back? I wount report them again.

P.S. i i quote someone i cant put my cursor out of quote boundaries, i must switch to Plain text to do that. Firefox 2

Hey guys,

I’m hoping that a few things that will help with this:

  • We’ve been heads down working on clustering.

  • There have been people on vacation.


I know it sucks when you post something and you don’t get a response. I’ve been on the giving and receiving end of that. There are -so- many posts that come into the forums that it’s hard to keep up and still get work done. You’d almost need a full time job dedicated to answering questions. And don’t compare to how I handle things in the IM Gateway Support forum. I only have one forum to watch and far less traffic then Openfire itself and friends. Keep in mind that part of the community is getting answers from the community, not just the devs. In my other work with PyAIMt and PyICQt, I will certainly admit that many a time I have ignored a post because I was 99% sure that someone else would answer it. Sometimes I am wrong. Granted, I’m not a company. Either way, it’s hard to balance working and talking. I think the Openfire people do a great job. Part of what lured me to using Openfire is that they -have- a community. There really wasn’t much of a community anywhere else at the time. There’s a lot to be said for posting something and getting a response from a wroot who already knows the answer. I imagine part of the reason why you aren’t seeing anything under open questions or open discussions is that they’re still working the kinks out.

Yes derek did reply to somebody with that statement but I never assume he meant me. You know that whole assuming makes an ass out of u and me.

I understand your points. I’m repeating this to myself all the time (keeping in mind that i get everything for free). But sometimes it looks useless. I’m starting another thread and another, bump old ones and get nothing. JIRA ticket and knowing it would be on a roadmap would be helpful. Cause now i’m not sure whether my reports got through or not. Community is great, but it cant fix bugs And Jive must admit, that user base is huge, they cant handle it the way it was few years ago.

Now i see all my threads in Profile (all marked as discussions, not questions), so i can find what i need.

Heh, i think Derek (and Jive) is used to that i’m bugging them all the time


I agree with you for the most part, but as wroot just pointed out after you posted: the real problem is more about logging bugs/issues. I don’t automatiically expect to always get a response from a dev or community member when I ask a question. But if people post a bug report, that needs to get loggged in the issue tracker one way or another. Since the community has grown so much over the last few years, I think Jive should consider adding some dedicated volunteers who are solely responsible for monitoring the forums for bugs and logging them into JIRA. Now, maybe this isn’t as easy as it sounds since it can be hard to distinguish a bug report from a user making a mistake at times, but I would think we can do better than the current situation.



I “kind” of disagree, but kind of agree. See, if you just let everyone post bug reports (as I do on another project) you get bogged down with useless reports from people who never respond to you. Likewise you get a -lot- of duplicates. Again, you go back to wasting a lot of your time that you could be developing working through duplicate issues and attempting (sometimes in vain) to get more info. Using a forum to initiate the discussion works pretty well because the developer can log an issue in a way that makes sense to them and after they’ve gathered necessary info. I can’t count the number of reports I’ve gotten on the support forum that I’ve said “this is already fixed in the beta! stay tuned!”.

It does make it feel like you aren’t being listened to though and I agree that it’s hard to distinguish.


Yeah, that is a valid point…Maybe this isn’t possible, but that is why I was thinking of just selecting a few people to basically be the community’s ambassadors to the developers. So the volunteers read through all the “junk”, by interacting with the community members, and filter out what could be an issue. Then, these select people could search in JIRA for duplicates or possibly contact the devs to verify their findings. That way perhaps the developers could still have control over what goes in, but the community would get more feedback and the developers would not have to read and respond to every potential bug post.


I -think- that’s what dawn said she’s going to be in charge of in some thread (maybe this one?). But yeah, definitely it might be handy to have some dedicated bug report people. Maybe even enlist some “free” support from the community … promote a couple of regulars to being capable of real bug filing.

promote a couple of regulars to being capable of real bug filing.

it2000 is already doing this

Ah yes. Well we try very very hard to take in everyones input and bug list. It’s something we take pride in during the development cycle in that we really pay attention to the community and their needs and issues. The real problem is just bandwith in general. Gato is heads down working on the next great thing, jadestorm is doing the same and working another job, and i’m working on Spark and Enterprise and Sparkweb and doing customer calls and working with support and … Just to let you guys know, our community is everything to us and we never want to let anyone down. So just sends us a private message if we happen to “ignore” what you were saying, because it’s never on purpose.



ddman wrote:

and i’m working on Spark and Enterprise and Sparkweb and doing customer calls and working with support and …

I wasnt saying you’re lazy

Sometimes i’m talking like this at work too. That i’m doing a lot of work alone, and i cant cope with everything. I was addressing this thread mostly to Matt (or other Jive chiefs) than to you or Gato.

So Dawn is delegated to watch community feedback. We’ll see if that will change the situation.

Can discussions be tagged? That would help a little, I think. I have the ability to open JIRA issues as well, but I dont have time to read all the fourms. What Ive done is set up RSS feeds for the fourms I am interested in. On the old site I only got the first line of the message so I had to sometimes guess what the topic was really about. If discussions could be tagged, I could set up an RSS feed for tags=bugs or something, and as people tag discussions as bugs I would notice them. I dont mind opening bug reports for valid things, if I know about them.

I agree that it would be handy to be able to tag a thread as a bug report. Questions are not the same as bug reports really so it would be nice to have some distinction. I don’t believe this software (Clearspace) is developed with the thought of it being used for bug reporting in mind though so it’s possible it would end up being a feature that “just igniterealtime” would use. It might even be possible to write a Clearspace plugin to do it. (I have not yet looked at the clearspace plugin API to see how powerful it is) I have an issue that’s causing some problems for some of my IM Gateway users so that’s going to take priority, but if I have some time this weekend I might look at clearspace’s plugin API real quick and perhaps donate such a function. If it’s possible, it seems like something that would be more suited to a plugin to me. Besides I like playing with plugin APIs.

Yes. I was thinking about tagging my threads. Just was waiting if my opened questions would become opened again. But maybe it’s not possible now. So, what tag would fit better? “bug report”, “bug” ?