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IM History Settings (not related to my post earlier)

Ok, so the client history is saved on the local machine. However How may I set the history length?

Looked in the client and server admin, and I must have missed it.

Great tech that I am, I admit I’'m a novice at this IM stuff.

If I can set it to keep everything, is there also some way to purge it periodically?

Thanks in advance,



you can’'t limit the length, neither in days nor in bytes.

You can purge it completely by disabling the chat history and clicking “yes” to delete the existing history and then re-enabling it.

So it sounds more like a feature request to me, that you want to limit the size by size and/or by days.


Hi LG,

Thanks for the info. If so I’'d agree with you, but a nice feature to have if one needs to go back and look at someones history


yeah, it’'s nice if you see when you did first chat with a user. A .zip option would be very nice, this should keep the log file sizes very small.