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IM+ iPhone app connecting to openfire

I have IM+ iPhone app and trying to connect my jabber account in openfire. I’d tested IM+ software developers jabber account (shape.shared@jabber.org) and it worked. I can get the same openfire account connected in spark and Trillian but not in IM+. In openfire I have Servers >> client management >> permitted clients >> all clients ON.

Has anyone found a solution?

What about contacting IM+ developer? Shape Services i believe. Is it working with other IM networks for you? Maybe it’s not just jabber.

Alll the IM networks are working. It is only my account in openfire to IM+. It sounds what I have set up in openfire is good. So it is not openfire stopping it. I will put in a ticket with Shares Services and see what I find out and update this posting here for others to see.

Sorry I don’t have a solution for you, but I wanted to let you know I experience the same issue, IM+ (3.0 lite) will not connect to openfire. Other IM apps on the iphone connect fine. Our openfire does is LDAP connected, not sure if that matters any.


You’ve mentioned other IM apps on iPhone works with openfire. Which ones? Also do you know of any that directly connect to openfire server instead of going throught IM app server then openfire server.

OneTeam is the only fully native XMPP client for the iPhone at this time, at least in the App Store. It works pretty well, too - although the same limitations that apply to any IM app on the iPhone still apply. I’ve found that it is VERY useful to jailbreak your phone and install Backgrounder just to keep OneTeam from quitting every time a phone call comes in or you need to pop out for a second to check your email. It’s a big enough app that it WILL get autoquit anyway, even with Backgrounder, if you load a large web page or something, but small tasks (check email, accept meeting request, check SMS, etc) are fine.

The app itself is quite solid and connects to our Openfire 3.6.4 server just fine. MUC works too - that was a key feature for us and made the non-native XMPP clients not an option. For individual messages we are using a database trigger / stored procedure that sends offline messages to the user via an SMS gateway, and for the chat room we’re using a Perl script + iUI to have a nicely skinned, quick way to access the chat logs.

I use OneTeam as well and it works great. Simple setup and reliable communication. Just waiting for push support to be sorted out…

I have used 2 apps - both free and work relatively well -

  • Monal : Supports generic XMPP servers (Openfire etc) as well as AIM, Facebook and others…

  • QuickSilver : Got this to work but its a bit flaky and UI is not as nice as Monal… But its free, so cant complain.

How did you get Monal to work? I have tried everything I know (with my limited info) and still cannot get the app to connect to my Openfire server. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi, I have just released a new version of Monal that fixes several connection issues and increases the range of setups it will work with. Let me know if you are still not able to connect.

I can vouch for this, the new version does work, but I have no group’s maybe I am missing somthing but it does work and works well thans monalxmpp!

You have to turn SSL off and know the IP address. I use our VPN connection and once I am on our network I can connect without issue.

Hi, Monal, I’m using your app to log on Openfire Server. It works.

And i’ve got some question here,

1.It seems that not all the contacts are shown, since i have got more than 100 contacts by using LDAP.

2.The contacts list shows account id by default, is there a setting for showing “Nick Name” instead?

3.I cannot recieve the message from others. and others who log on by spark could recieve my message.

Anyway, thanks for your great work. And expecting for new your version.

Let me guess, MUC works too - that was a key feature
VMate for us and made the non-native XMPP clients not an option. IM+ (3.0 lite) will not connect to 9apps openfire.