I'm lost (and feeling stupid)

I know the answer is likely going to be something that makes me feel incredible stupid but I’m lost on actually connecting to a remote service. I followed the instructions to install Spectrum 2 and connect to my Openfire server. I’ve configured my aim.cfg file and enabled it in GoJara setting… everything seems to be working but how to I actually log in to an AIM account? I have been using Kraken for a while and it’s been working well but since Spectrum 2 is the new thing I want to migrate over to it. When using Kraken I manually added registrations for my AIM account in the openfire admin page and connected it to my local jabber account but I don’t see anywhere in the GoJara configs, spectrum config files, etc, where I can actually add my AIM account’s username and password. Could someone give me a little more guidance on what I’m missing?

Hey there,

it has been three Months, but if you still need support for this please let me know by writing an email or PN. The Email should be in the Gojara Guide. Sorry I didnt respond earlier, didnt check this board for quite some time because of other projects.

Regards, Axel