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IM to Email plugin or option

I’ve just got the request that someone wants to be able to send an IM (via Spark) to a user and that use wants to get it on their cell phone (via SMS). We don’t have an SMS gateway so I was thinking we could use the email to SMS that all the carriers have setup. The problem is, I don’t see a plugin for this. I’ve searched the site and I see others asked but no answers. These were also old messages so I’m thinking that it either became possible or nobody ever found or shared the solution. SO, anybody know how to set Spark/Openfire up to allow users to send IM’s to an email address (in this case the cell phone carrier’s SMS email address)?

Any help is appreciated.

Hi Jason,

Openfire/Spark does not suppport what you’re looking to do out-of-the-box. However, it could certainly be done via a custom plugin. One thing that you’d have to figure out is how does a user declare themselves as being will to accept messages via SMS. Is that something they would need to have control over or would it be an administrator function? Just something to think about.

Hope that helps,


Hmmm. Well, I guess I’ll need to do some work on this one. I’ll first have to determine how badly they want this since it’s going to be some custom work. Thanks for the help, though.