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IM window occasionally blank

One of my users is having an intermittent issue with Spark. Incoming IMs occasionally appear blank. She can reply back, but her messages also appear blank in the IM window. Closing and re-opening Spark resolves the issue temporarily.

So far, we’ve tried the following:

  • Uninstalled/reinstalled latest Spark version

  • Uninstalled Spark and Java, reinstalled Spark with included JRE

  • Uninstalled Spark and Java, reinstalled latest JRE, then Spark without included JRE

  • Upgraded Openfire to latest version

The issue continues to occur for only this one user.

Looking for any next steps or solutions that have yielded results for others affected by this issue. I’ve seen a few threads related to this problem, but no definitive solutions. Any help is greatly appreciated.


This is a known issue with spark 2.5.8. You need to install the latest version of spark without the JRE included. you also must purge all spark data from the computer prior to installing. Uninstall spark, delete any residual folders (program files, and user’s profile folder), restart, install new version. I have not had it happen with spark 2.6.0b2.

Thanks Todd. I’ve uninstalled, removed leftover folders, and installed 2.6.0 Beta 2. We’ll know in a couple days. Fingers crossed!

I’m having the same problem with serveral clients scattered across various locations. I tried removing Spark
and all the accociated folders, then installing the beta, but it did not resolve the issue. I have tried
installing Spark with the bundled Java, and I have also tried using Java from java.com, and using the online
version of Spark.

Has anyone found a fix for the problem?

I have been using Spark on several networks that I manage since it was introduced and I would love to keep
using it, but I’m getting complaints from users almost daily. Spark works perfectly on some computers, messes up
a little bit on others, and is almost unusable on a few. On one computer I even formatted the hard drive and
installed everything from scratch, and I still have the problem. Although, in one case a complete software reload
appears to have fixed the problem. I have considered all the installed applications and have not found any
consistancy between installed applications and the machines that are having trouble with Spark.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.