Images not found

FOLDER not found.

FOLDER_CLOSED not found.

i am debugging the spark project. during compilation i am having above 2 lines printed due to exceptions.

here is the code snippet from which is printing these 2 messages

*static {

prb = (PropertyResourceBundle)ResourceBundle.getBundle(“org/jivesoftware/resource/spa rk”);


public static final String getString(String propertyName) {

return prb.getString(propertyName);


public static final ImageIcon getImageIcon(String imageName) {

try {

final String iconURI = getString(imageName);

final URL imageURL = cl.getResource(iconURI);

return new ImageIcon(imageURL);


catch (Exception ex) {

System.out.println(imageName + " not found.");


return null;

}* file has the following declaration for above 2 images

FOLDER = images/folder.png

FOLDER_CLOSED = images/folder_closed.png

then i checked the images folder and these 2 images are present there.

But still i dont know why it is not able to make imageURL and throwing an exception. any idea ?