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Immediate SVN Maintenance


About to initiate a temporary SVN outage while a do some data merging maintenance.

I’m merging in the ignite website source code which was previously in a different SVN location. This WILL change existing revision numbers in the SVN repo, but nothing else for any existing projects. An “svn update” will be required in your working copies, then you should be back in sync.

How long will it take? Probably i will be notified via rss (i’m watchi fisheye feed). Will it update all files?

Maintenance is complete. We probably need to tell Fisheye to a full resync.

I’m seeing such errors while doing sync in RapidSVN:

Execute: Update
Error: Error while performing action: Checksum mismatch for ‘d:\My Documents\JiveSoftware\Openfire\build\debian\openfire.links’; expected: ‘90c93835774274e49aa5e4ae90813145’, actual: '8333e505ffc666e86cec9e902ef4b5bf’

Execute: Update
Error: Error while performing action: Delta source ended unexpectedly

Maybe i need to delete all files on my side?

Argh… yes, the UUID for the repository changed. Hmm… checking something quickly.

I get the same error … I try a new full sync which will take more than a while.

I have fixed the UUID, changing it back to what it was before.

Thanks for the heads up!

OK, as this is continuing to be an issue, I will roll back the changes I made and look for a cleaner solution.

OK, the changes were rolled back. But it seems possible that anyone who attempted to SVN up while those changes were in place may have to do a full checkout of the data.

If you wish to avoid that, you may try: svn update -r 11747 … that is the highest revision at the time of the maintenance.

Sorry for the hassle. Reverting it seems the safest way to avoid causing further problems for anyone else using the repositories.

Well. I wasn’t able to sync to the latest good revision, but i have fixed everything. It’s good that i have my own backups of svn sync directories

“svn update -r 11747” fails with “No such revision 12250”, so I’ll do another full sync …

Hi Ben,

Things are now back as they were (no website sources in SVN)? I can’t find them in there anyway

Why did you try to merge the two SVN repositories in this way? I see the benefit of having both source trees (+history) in the same repo, but I fail to see the need for a merge)

Replaying all (relevant) commits from one repository into the other is a lot less complex. You can export all commits related to the website from its original repository, and import those commits (effectively replay them) in our IgniteRealtime repo. You can even keep the original commit dates this way. The only thing that will be different, is the commit revision numbers for the website commits - but as we didn’t have access to those in the first place, that shouldn’t be a big problem.

The Migrating Repository Data Elsewere section of the SVN Redbook provides good guidelines on how to do this. I did this a couple of months back without running into any major issues