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Implementing PubSub


I’m very interested in helping with implementing PubSub support for XIFF. Actually I have good news. I almost have it “complete” (guessing 70% complete). There is only one caveat. . .My implementation is for the XIFF 2.0 library (meaning it’s written in AS2.0). I’m curious to get everyone’s opinion on whether or not it would be useful to share the code written in AS2.0, or if I should just “start from scratch” to work the code into the XIFF 3.0 library before sharing. Please let me know what you think.

Note: Although I’m not new to programming, I am new to helping with OpenSource projects. Could someone point me in the right direction to getting permission to download the latest build, or repository. Or do I need permission. . .Or how to commit code for review. . .You know, those types of questions.

Thank you,


I would vote for the AS3 version.

The current source of XIFF is available in the Subversion repository:


Once you have something, please post patches in this forum against the latest version from svn.

Good luck!


Any progress on the implementation of PubSub for AS3.0?


Sorry. . .I was a bit over optimistic. Life and College has not given me enough time to work on this.

Any progress on this PubSub feature. I notice the database contains tables to PubSub.

Hey Greg,

I’m about to start working on an as3 pubsub implementation.

Is there any chance you could post your code somewhere? I’d love to have something to reference as I’m new to XIFF.