Implementing Web based chat using Smack

Hi All,

I am very new to this Smack API.

I tried implementing a simple java console based chat application using Smack API, and it is working fine.

Now, I would like to know, whether implementing web based chat application is possible using Smack API. If so, please provide me some inputs, to start with.



If all you need is web-based chat, you can do it with JavaScript. Setup is a bit dicey, but you can use JWChat without writing a single line of Smack code. Better yet, Jive/Ignite also offers a web client of their own, Spark Web. So sit back and relax because it is all out there and waiting for you to use…

Hi Yuval,

Thanks for the info.

I am also trying to setup JWChat in my machine, but I am facing some issues w.r.t it.

Have u configured JWChat in your machine before ? (if yes, can you give me some insight about it)

Also I came across another opensource webchat application “jiaho” ( ), as mentioned in the site, it has been developed with GWT and Smack. Yet to find out, how it has been implemented.



I am using JSJaC. Although it needs some work, it appears to be working, most of the time, with the vast majority of issues being mine.

The documentation could be better but if you work with the XMPP protocol documentation next to you, it can do what you need it to do.

Glad to see you already looked at my how-to doc on my blog…

Thanks a lot Yuval

I followed the steps mentioned in th your blog, now I am able to run the samplechat , which comes with JSJaC.

Thanks again.