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Import the Openfire schema mysql windows


I’m trying to accomplish this step in the install guide:

Import the schema file from the resources/database directory of the installation folder:

Windows: type openfire_mysql.sql | mysql [databaseName];

I’m not sure where to issue this command. I’ve tried from the windows commmand line in both the resources/database openfire directory, and from the mysql bin directory. Also i’ve tried running the command from mysql server cli. I’ve tried to add the path of the directory where mysql is to the PATH enviroment variables.

When it enter the following command

"type openfire_mysql.sql | mysql openfire;"

I get the following error:

" mysql is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file"

I know this error indicates that the program being run is not in the path variables so you have to run it from the program directory. I’ve tried that and still get the same error.

What am i doing wrong?