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Importing users into Groups

Hey all, just a quickie which probably is simple - just dont know where to look.

Is there a way to import a list of users into a group directly? The UI only lets you add user JIDs individually for group membership. If it is quite difficult to do, don’t worry about it, but I have about 50 users to add to 8 different groups and dont cherish the thought of 400 manual entries



The UserService plugin provides an API that you can make http calls and update user’s groups:


Unfortunately, one issue with this approach is that the UserService plugin will overwrite information about the user if the entire API is not used to update a users setting. I patched this and could attach a jar file if you like.


If you are using AD for authenication then your groups you have configured on your domain controller should be in your openfire admin console. If they are, then you should, be able to select the Users and Groups tab in the admin console and select Group Summary, double click one of youer groups it will open and you should be able to select the share group radio button, then type a name for the group, I would make the group name the same a the group name you click on, then select the share all radio button. This will add all the users to thius group and they will see each other when they login using there chat client. Ldap requires you to add a line to the openfire.xml file for (objecttype=groupOfUniqueNames) might work. Hope this helps.

Thanks, missed that in users/group - was focusing on the wrong area. Figured it would be a simple thing. Thanks!

Oops, I jumped the gun, that dindt work. I am talking about conference roms. I figured I could then add that group name into the conference room and it would allow the users within the gruop to use it. No such luck. I’ll look at Daryls responce though.

I misstated my problem (and subsequently don’t think I am getting the right answers). I actually am trying to import a bunch of users into a ‘Group Chat Room’ (conference room), not into a group. Any thoughts there?

You cannot use groups to define members of a group chat room. The members must be added via their Jabber ID or JID. This is why groups cannot be used.

Yeah, just figured that out - any way to mass import them though instead of adding them to thie interface 1 at a time?


Which database are you using? Probably easiest to add the users to the ofMucAffiliation and/or ofMucMember table and then restart Openfire.


Attached to a SQL2005 DB, but due to client issues with Pandion, I like to not restart openfire (Pandion does bad things with the users when I have to stop and start openfire).

Its not the end of the world, I just figured there was probably some easy way to import them. Might not be a bad feature enhancement down the road.