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Importing users

So I see in the admin USERS/GROUPS that I can import users ffrom a file saving a bunch of input time and avoiding error.

Where can I find the format the data should be in? I’m pulling in a bunch of users from various places in AD … I can very easily export all their dat to a file… I just need to know what data the import/export is looking for.

if your using AD/ldap, there is nothing to import. openfire will pull your users and groups from there.

Understood … and started down that path but was told this is a "test"environment and they did not want to

a. pull all the IDs in (some here feel a deep sittied fear of IM)

b. go thru the process of creating groups and filters to pull in selected.

I was told I would be provided with a list of IDs pulled from random OUs … So I’m just trying to avoid manually creating 100+ accounts …

i feel bad for you. your test wont be very accurate. not to mention your users will have to remember yet another password. Its usually best practice to build any test as if it was going to be production…odd.

I’m sure there is a way to import from a file, but I’ve never had to do it. I bet someone who has will be able to help you though.

So I agree with what you said … and as nobody was jumping forward to answer my import q I went back to the AD load … figured thats the beauty of VM right? … I can always given 30 min spin up a new server.

I went thru the AD LDAP thinking maybe I could meet the requirements … got all the way thru to


Choose one or more users from your LDAP directory to be administrators by entering their usernames.

no matter what ID in andy form (ID, id@dmina.com, domain\id, cn=id,ou=, etc) … it tells me nothing entered or no such ID . And at that point you’re dead in the water …

Any ideas?

if you are using the filter I from your previous post, then make sure you have the user in the access group. onces that is done, it should only be the ad username you have to enter.

Well … one crashed print sever later and I’m back. What ever happened to the concept of the paperless office? … Man … talk about a way to kick the hornets nest … take somebodys printer offline.

Anyway, … no filtering going on in the AD setup … as a matter of fact I pretty much took all the defaults … just will not let me past the point where is wants

"Choose one or more users from your LDAP directory to be administrators by entering their usernames. "

Some examples of format would be handy here … but like I said … I’ve tried them all and it seems not to like any. I’m afraid Openfire is going to be passed as I can not find any documentation on the import file format to do a batch load … and the AD/LDAP does not seem to be responding … I’m sort of stuck