Importing vCards into OpenFire from client desktop/phone to be looked up later on

Hey there,

I was wondering whether there’s a way a capability to import into OpenFire a desktop / phone contact lists from a user (given the user has granted permissions for the client app to gain access into the contact list).

For example, on Windows/Mac, if we have a local address book containing a rolodex of people’s name, email, phone numbers, how do we send those over to OpenFire to be stored ahead of time? I am looking for something that can be referenced back again later, like on LDAP or Roster vCard. Reason is when any of the folks that are on that rolodex signs up, we can infer that this new user is connected the user that imported his contact list.

I understand we might need to create a pseudo-username for the “rolodex users”, but if we can avoid that and still gain serendipity, that’ll be great.

  • Jack