Improve openfire spec

I’ve made several changes to the spec file for openfire rpm packages to make it conform better to Fedora’s packaging guidelines:


  • Removed Packager and Vendor tags. These tags should be defined in

the ~/.rpmmacros file in the account used to build the packages. This

way, users are never told that Jive Software was their vendor when they

receive the package from someone else.

  • Changed Group to “System Environment/Daemons”. As far as I know, the

“Applications” groups are normally used for interactive client


  • Reordered tags according to convention, and use the Fedora style BuildRoot.

  • Two blank lines between sections, also per convention.

  • Use “|| :” to ensure that specific return values are masked, rather than using “exit 0”.

  • Removed useless chmod of scripts in bin/extra. They were removed just several lines later.

  • Disable debug packages.

  • Temporary workaround for bug in brp-java-repack-jars in which empty

directories are give 0000 permissions, and are unreadable. This causes

the build to fail for non-root users.