IN-Band Registration?


I am using openfire 3.4.4. I am able to successfull register to legacy service from my client. but now m not getting the presence. at present i am working with yahoo. after registering (in-Band registration) on openfire. i read XEP-0077 and XEP-0100 both. After registering i am sending my presence as told in the document viz. <presence/>. but i am not getting what i am supposed to get. Please help me. if there is some document is there please give me the link for the same. waiting for response…

First of all you should give your thread a reasonable title. Help needs everyone here…

What exactly is you problem? Are you trying to write your own jabber client? Then maybe the XML log of your communication would be helpful. Are you using an existing jabber client (Spark, Pidgin, Psi, etc…)? Which one and which version? This seems have something to do with a Yahoo transport, ok…which one? Gateway plugin, pyYIMt or something else?

Hi Coolcat,

Thanks for the reply. but if i was using any existing jabber client i would have mentioned that.

As you asked now i am elaborating my question here.

I am trying to make my own jabber client. i am using openfire 3.4.4.

now the Problem is :–>

As described in XEP-0100

I register to yahoo service on openfire server.

openfire logs me in yahoo the moment i register on the server ( Here i am supposed to get registration success instead of login acc. to XEP-0100).

After registration i did accordingly as described in XEP 0100 but i am not getting the presence of my buddies. I hope i am able to explain my problem in a better manner. I am not getting how to proceed now.

Thanks in advance