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In Which Openfire Database Table does Session details are stored?

Hi OF Team,

Can you plz let me know, in which Openfire table does the Session Created details are stored.

Plz find the Attached jpeg doc for more information.

I would like to log the details of user at the time User’s have logged in spark ( Session Created details)

Thanking you in Advance,



I do not know which table that comes from in particular (someone more familiar with openfire’s inner workings will need to comment on that), however in the meantime, you may want to check into the Database query statistics. It can log each of the queries run by Openfire and the number of times they are run, along with other performance statistics. This may yield some insight into which query stores that particular data when a user connects…

Go to the Server tab in the Openfire admin console – > scroll to the bottom and click the “Database Query Statistics” --> Set to Enabled and click “Update”. Now have a user log out then back in and see if some queries populate that page and which tables they are touching.

again, i don’t know if this will help or if openfire is even running a query for this (it could just be temporarily stored in memory since it may not be relevant data after the user relogs).