Include non-existent username

My logs are filling up with these messages:

2006.12.11 12:43:21 org.jivesoftware.wildfire.roster.Roster.( Groups (agt-abc-us) include non-existent username (johndoe)

We are using AD for LDAP. The system is accepting connections and most users seem to be working ok, but I am concerned about the ever growing instances of these errors.

Can anyone shed some light on these errors? I can provide further details if needed. Thanks!

I have been getting a lot of those errors as well. I’'m running 3.1.1 on CentOS 4.4 w/ AD/LDAP configured. I noticed the errors began to show up after I pointed wildfire at a new Global Catalog server. I also, at the same time, changed the port number from 389 to 3268. I am using this setup in order to facilitate a multi-domain AD forest.

Everything seems to work fine but I keep getting these errors:

2006.12.13 11:48:11 [org.jivesoftware.wildfire.roster.Roster.(] Groups () include non-existent username (**********)

I waited a while and the errors seemed to subside. It looks as though by pointing wildfire at a new GC, it was taking a while for it to recognize the already existing users. Are you still seeing those errors?