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Incomplete list of groups

We have approx 2k groups in AD, however when I try to setup shared groups for rosters, only the first ~1k or so are available for selection. Is this by design, or is there an alternative way to obtain the full list of groups?

This is a limit of AD LDAP queries. By default AD will only return 1000 results per query. The setting can be adjusted in AD but could lead to instability. See this link: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/315071

Nice - Didn’t know that. I take it a LDAP Group filter in Openfire could fix that?

A group filter will most definitely help with that. I created new groups specifically for use with chat. The security groups all start with Chat e.x. ChatISteam. Note that there are no spaces in the name. More compatible.

Yep, a LDAP filter fixed that. Thanks!