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Incomplete or Inconsistent Buddy Presence

Hi All,

We’‘re experiencing an issue where we aren’‘t seeing all the buddies for a given user as online in our app. If I log in using yahoo’‘s client, I’'ll see about 30 people online for a specific account, but openfilre reports 10, and sometimes none at all. We saw the exception below in our logs, and was hoping someone had some insight into this problem, and if this exception is potentially related.

Thanks in Advance,


2007.05.24 21:11:08 org.jivesoftware.openfire.gateway.protocols.yahoo.YahooSessionListener.inputExce ptionThrown(YahooSessionListener.java:191) Input error from yahoo: Source: InputThread

ymsg.network.YMSG9BadFormatException: Bad parse of online friends in logon packet

at ymsg.network.Session.receiveLogon(Unknown Source)

at ymsg.network.Session$InputThread.process(Unknown Source)

at ymsg.network.Session$InputThread.run(Unknown Source)

Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException

Howdy! The current Yahoo support is fairly broken in that regard, which is why I ended up putting it in experimental status. =( The next release will be using a brand new library that being actively maintained and should fix a lot of these issues!

Thanks for the update, do you know approximately when the next update will be released?



Hard to tell. I was planning on releasing 1.1.0 pretty soon but there’‘s enough bug reports from the beta that I put out that I’‘m trying to narrow down, and in the process I got excited about a couple new functionalities that I’‘m throwing in. 1.1.0 is going to have quite a lot of improvements. =) You may be interested in trying out the beta that’‘s on the beta plugins page. Especially since you were actively running into this problem, I’'d love to see if the current beta fixes the issues you are running into!

Thanks for the quick response. We are installing the beta as we speak. Stabilizing Yahoo is a huge priority for us, as we may have to abandon it if we cant get a good client experience, so anything that leads toward that goal would be a big help. I’'ll let you know what we find.

Thanks Again,


=) By far the biggest help at the moment will be testing it out and sending me logs if things have problems. OpenYMSG is YMSG but cleaned up and at some level … there’‘s no good way to know what’‘s wrong until someone catches it. =) So please post your findings! (I’'ll also warn you that openymsg is hella verbose right now)