Inconsistency in configuration for auth/user/group custom DB integration


Regarding Custom Database Integration,

Please change the code in JDBCGroupProvider so it uses the same jdbcProvider configuation as Auth/User.

at the moment Auth/User has follwoing configuration:



Custon DB user authentication doesn’'t work! Can anybody paste some sample xml config file for custom dh user login ?



if you have a problem with the ext.db auth. provider feel free to post a new thread with your configuration or search the forum for some sample configurations which were already posted.


actually I got custom DB user authentication to work but only moving to 3.1, 3.0.1 documentation is poor/and documented as wrong/and perhaps never worked. If you are having problems logging an as an admin user:

for the admin user, he/she must be defined in 3 places:

in the external database with username and password

through the admin console as a user (password is inconsiquential as it uses the above)

and inbetween the jdbc:mysql://dburl/dbname?user=----&password=-----

So you can confirm that 3.1 removed issues JM-847, JM-848 and JM-849? If so why the changelog doesn’'t mention it?

I had to manually populate from the admin console admin users so cannot confirm 847,849.

will be looking at 848 today however email is not an issue for us currently.

We used the nightl build from 10/10… which coincidently took a dump at our colo (awaiting word from the engineers on exact cause)

also found that wildfire does not like UNION in the sql.


SELECT password from Users.List1 WHERE username=? UNION SELECT password from Users.List2 WHERE username=?