Incorrect time displayed on Spark

“Hi, I’m facing an issue with Spark. The time displayed in Spark is one hour ahead of the server time. I’ve tried reinstalling Spark for both the latest and older versions, but the issue still persists . For example, on Spark it is showing 12:40, while on the server it is showing 11:40, which is the correct time.”

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Spark will take the time from the machine that it is running on, not from the server. Are the date/time settings on the client machine correct?

“Yes, the date and time on the computer are correct. As shown in the image, the computer displays 11:34, while Spark is showing 12:34, which is one hour ahead.”

If these are ‘live’ messages, then the time that’s displayed depends on the time and timezone information of the computer running Spark. Without evidence to the contrary, I strongly suspect that something is misconfigured there.

Hi 3Ri, I guess it’s because of Daylight Saving Time or ‘Horario de verão’. In Brazil, it was supposed to start last Sunday (05/11/23). I’m facing this problem too and I don’t know how to resolve it.
In the OpenFire configs, there isn’t an option without the DST time.