Incorrectly showing people offline

If you follow these steps Spark will show someone is offline when they are actually online. I don’'t think it matters but we are using wildfire as the server.

  1. Login with spark.

  2. Login with jwchat.

  3. Disconnect with jwchat (still connected with spark).

In other users contact lists you will now show as offline. It can take a while before they are shown as online again. I haven’‘t tested it much but if they message you they will not appear as online for a few minutes. If they don’'t message you then I think they will be offline for longer. On the jabber server, the user always remains shown online (which is correct).

Hi asavage,

Yes indeed. This is a know issue that has to do with mapping multiple different resources to the same bare jid. I’'m looking into a more appropriate fix for this.



OK thanks for your response. At my company we recently setup Wildfire and jwchat to replace our old IM. We also have about 10 people that use Spark and it has worked pretty well so far. It has a nice interface.